Road Traffic Accident

Road Traffic Accidents often referred to as ‘RTA’s’, can be extremely distressing and can have devastating effects on the victim and their loved ones. Road traffic collisions are often thought only to affect the occupants of a vehicle when in fact, many other road users are vulnerable to this type of accident. Our road traffic accident team have many years experience representing drivers, passengers (including young children), pedestrians, users of public facilities, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Why use a Specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitors?

We understand that no two accidents are alike. We also know that following a traumatic experience it can be unclear if you are able to pursue legal action for a personal injury depending on the circumstances of your accident. If you have been injured and the accident was caused by somebody else, then it is likely that you could be entitled to make a road traffic accident claim.

Our highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors are accredited by The Law Society and have advised thousands of clients in relation to making a road traffic accident claim. In many cases, our clients are eligible to make a no win no fee compensation claim (also known as a conditional fee agreement). To find out more can call us today on Freephone helpline 0161 241 7676 for a no obligation appraisal.

How to Start my Road Traffic Accident Claim?

By instructing us to act on your behalf, we will work to ensure that you receive compensation for any associated medical expenses, lost income, lost potential income and other related expenses that you incur as a result of being involved in an accident. We will also work to ensure that you receive the best possible care and rehabilitation for the injuries that you have sustained. To begin the claims process call 0161 241 7676 to speak to one of our advisors.

We, of course, understand that some road accidents have tragic consequences and you may be acting on someone else’s behalf. If someone close to you has been the tragic victim of a fatal accident on the road or has suffered serious injuries, we can support you on their behalf. We will always act in a highly sensitive and professional manner, as we work to obtain compensation for any unexpected expenditure that you have found yourself facing.